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raa. raaah. raa. raa. raaow. *looks up then back down then up again* raaoow. *pause to reflect* hurgh. HISSSS…. Wow. Wow. Wow! *pause, string of spit hanging from mouth* …WOW! wooow. 

No but seriously. Avery has been doing this for weeks now. Just making noise at me and I don’t know why.
So I’m just watching this wondering what the cougar wants. 

Falcor has been doing this a ton lately, the length generally depends on how short my replies to her are.  If I just say “hey!” I get a little bark.  I thought she wanted attention, but she just usually ends up biting me and then running around like a loon.

The Gaslight Anthem- We’re Getting a Divorce, You Keep the Diner, Live at House of Blues Dallas 10/04/2014

The Gaslight Anthem- Senor and the Queen, Live at House of Blues Dallas, 10/04/2014

Are You Afraid of the Dark reviews return! (hopefully)  

Trying to write a few a week this October, so lets see how it goes.

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"After finishing the music for the album, the band decided that the artwork needed to reflect the themes on the record, likening the change of image to a political campaign. Armstrong recalled: "We wanted to be firing on all cylinders. Everything from the aesthetic to the music to the look. Just everything." Green Day drew inspiration from Chinese communist propaganda art the band saw in art galleries on Melrose Avenue, and recruited artist Chris Bilheimer, who had designed the art for the previous records Nimrod and International Superhits! to create the cover. The band aimed for the cover to be "at once uniform and powerful". After listening to the new music on his computer, Bilheimer took note of the lyric "And she’s holding on my heart like a hand grenade" from "She’s a Rebel". Influenced by artist Saul Bass’s poster for the 1955 drama film The Man with the Golden Arm, Bilheimer created an upstretched arm holding a red heart-shaped grenade. Although he felt that red is the "most overused color in graphic design", he felt that the "immediate" qualities of the color deemed it appropriate for use on the cover, explaining: "I’m sure there’s psychological theories of it being the same color of blood and therefore has the powers of life and death…And as a designer I always feel it’s kind of a cop-out, so I never used it before. But there was no way you couldn’t use it on this cover."


Jack-o-lantern on a fence

I’m really happy my Gaslight post is getting the word “kerfuffle” spread around






So, one of my favorite bands offers up the opportunity to buy tickets to a meet and greet, and a soundcheck, and I’m ready to jump all over it. I have no problem paying for it, because it’s a great, unique opportunity and who knows when I’ll get it again. And instead of it being a random drawing…

Read this and you know what I think about it! All seconded!

But the whole thing essentially means “if you’re rich you can have this” whereas with a random drawing more people actually have a chance. Like saying that the people who had an issue with it were “entitled spoiled brats” is ridiculous to be completely honest.

No, it’s not.  They’re entitled spoiled brats because of how they reacted when they couldn’t have something.  It’s the “I can’t have it so no one can!” mentality that was so prevalent yesterday that is entitled and spoiled.

There are people out there who can’t even afford to buy a ticket to just a show, does that mean no one should get to go because they can’t afford it?  No, that’s a ridiculous idea, but that’s exactly what is going on here.  

It sucks that everyone couldn’t afford it, it really does.  But there are people out there who could, or people out there who were going to do what they could to scrounge together the money.  I guarantee you there were Gaslight fans out there who couldn’t afford it, but were going to get this given to them as a birthday present or something and probably be absolutely over the moon thrilled about it.  But now no one gets anything.  And why?  Because people threw a hissy fit when they learned other people might get something they couldn’t have.

That’s how children act.  That’s how entitled, spoiled brats act.

I hope they cover “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” on this tour, maybe people will learn something.

People’s problem with it was that it was the rich kids who get the chance to do it, or the kids with the nice rich parents. It wasn’t people throwing “a hissy fit when they learned other people might get something they couldn’t have”. It was people having a problem with something they would seriously love being offered only to people with a bunch of money. That’s not being entitled or spoiled, entitled and spoiled is how you’d describe the kids who get exactly what they want because mummy or daddy will throw a few banknotes in their direction every time they see something they fancy. It’s literally the complete opposite. 

As for covering “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” I think you could learn a lot from that really.

Here’s the problem with that logic:  Was the reason that people couldn’t afford to go because of those people who could afford to go?  No, it was not.  There’s a myriad of reasons as to why people couldn’t afford, but it was absolutely not because other people could afford it.  Now, what’s the only reason people who could afford it can no longer go? The fact that people who couldn’t afford it complained.  You took something away from people because you couldn’t have it, for reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with them.  

And some advice, grow up and get over this ridiculous “Rich kid” crap you’re spewing.  In life, people will have more than you, people will have less than you. It happens. Worry about what you put out into the world and do with your own life, and not what others have.

You have no way of knowing anything about the economic standing of the people who were going to buy that package, and making the assumptions you do is incredibly arrogant.  I don’t make anywhere enough to frivolously throw down $125 for concert tickets, but I was going to pick up some over time, cut back in other places and treat myself to something.  And I’d wager that was probably going to be what a lot of people who bought those passes were going to do.  And if they were rich and could burn $125 for shits and giggles? Good for them, it doesn’t affect me, doesn’t affect you.