Another Are You Afraid of the Dark review for the Halloween season, enjoy and reblog!

A TGIF-centric podcast with the improv duo Age Appropriate!  We hit on all the TGIF shows, The Wonder Years, Fred Savage’s film career, Alicia Silverstone and a lot more.  

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Oh man, double ex-Nickelodeon star podcast may be in the works.  This is exciting.

Tonight on My Rotting Brain, it’s a review of The Tale of the Captured Souls. Come watch a Lionel Richie impersonator grow old before your eyes!

Which do you want to see?  I’m planning on reviewing a few next week, and since I’ve already covered most of my favorites, I figure I’ll cover the ones other people love.

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Sometimes I write for other sites.  Check out my new article over on Strange Kids Club!  It’s about a memorable episode of Eerie, Indiana.  The entire episode is embedded at the bottom!

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Nickelodeon has revived Figure It Out, so of course I had to check it out.

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The My Rotting Brain 2011 Halloween Spectacular continues with an episode of Power Rangers.  It features The Pumpkin Rapper, possibly the worst monster they ever had on the show.  Or the best.  You decide.

My review of my favorite Are You Afraid of the Dark episode, The Tale of Laughing in the Dark.

Pick the right door and you’ll go free, pick the wrong door and there he’ll be.  Zeebo! Zeebo!

I ask all the right questions and now you can too!