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Hey everyone,

Do me a favor and head over to and vote for My Rotting Brain to be inducted into the League of Funny Bitches All Stars List. I’m at the very bottom of the ballot!

Come celebrate the relaunch/re-design of My Rotting Brain!  I’ve reviewed the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode “The Tale of the Lunar Locust”  Don’t worry, there’s totally some references to football in it.

My blog’s theme song, “My Rotting Brain” by The Glenn Robinsons

It’s also got the best suggested videos bar on Youtube, easily. 

Just popping in to update everyone on my blog situation.  So exciting, I know!

Then, I share some of my favorite articles I’ve written, because I’m a shameless self promoter.   

Polling Tumblr

So, should I do videos for my blog?  Granted, I’m having a hard enough time writing for it already, but I feel like popular blogs have really distinct personalities, and videos go a long way towards helping create that.  It’ll be like a podcast, but you get to stare at me the whole time.  Ya bunch of voyeurs.  

I sold my blog to some guy named Gonko.  I’m not sure I like what he’s doing with it.

Well Tumblrites

The bad news is you got beat out by Twitter.

The good news is I reviewed The Tale of the Dollmaker, so you still get something out of it.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Someone tell me an episode and I’ll do a review of it.  Keep in mind I’ve already done 32.  If you tell me one I’ve already covered, I’ll point you to it.

I go over some of my favorite board games from the 1990’s.  Well, I never played 13 Dead End Drive, but I’m sure it was fun too.