So, one of my favorite bands offers up the opportunity to buy tickets to a meet and greet, and a soundcheck, and I’m ready to jump all over it. I have no problem paying for it, because it’s a great, unique opportunity and who knows when I’ll get it again. And instead of it being a random drawing…

Read this and you know what I think about it! All seconded!

But the whole thing essentially means “if you’re rich you can have this” whereas with a random drawing more people actually have a chance. Like saying that the people who had an issue with it were “entitled spoiled brats” is ridiculous to be completely honest.

No, it’s not.  They’re entitled spoiled brats because of how they reacted when they couldn’t have something.  It’s the “I can’t have it so no one can!” mentality that was so prevalent yesterday that is entitled and spoiled.

There are people out there who can’t even afford to buy a ticket to just a show, does that mean no one should get to go because they can’t afford it?  No, that’s a ridiculous idea, but that’s exactly what is going on here.  

It sucks that everyone couldn’t afford it, it really does.  But there are people out there who could, or people out there who were going to do what they could to scrounge together the money.  I guarantee you there were Gaslight fans out there who couldn’t afford it, but were going to get this given to them as a birthday present or something and probably be absolutely over the moon thrilled about it.  But now no one gets anything.  And why?  Because people threw a hissy fit when they learned other people might get something they couldn’t have.

That’s how children act.  That’s how entitled, spoiled brats act.

I hope they cover “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” on this tour, maybe people will learn something.

The Gaslight Anthem Pre-Show Kerfuffle

So, one of my favorite bands offers up the opportunity to buy tickets to a meet and greet, and a soundcheck, and I’m ready to jump all over it.  I have no problem paying for it, because it’s a great, unique opportunity and who knows when I’ll get it again.  And instead of it being a random drawing where I have to hope I’m lucky enough to get picked, I can purchase it and guarantee the opportunity.  I was excited, and less than two hours later, the opportunity was gone.

Gaslight Anthem decided to cancel the idea because some fans got very vocal about their displeasure with the idea.  That’s all fine and well, you’re entitled to your opinion and I’d even agree that the price was probably a little too high.  Maybe you couldn’t afford it and you were upset, I get that.  Hell, it would probably have been a dumb purchase for me to make anyways, and I can definitely use that else where.  The problem is, just because you don’t like it, or unfortunately can’t afford it, doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t get the opportunity.  

From everything I saw, that’s exactly what the attitude was; I can’t have it, so no one should get it.  That is childish beyond words and it’s unfortunate that the band decided to cave to such entitlement.

And to those who feel like they’ve accomplished something by convincing the band to cancel the package?  You haven’t, all you’ve done is rob other people of a cool opportunity.  You’ve taken away their chance to experience something great and to be happy, all because you didn’t agree with it, or couldn’t afford it.  If that makes you feel accomplished, then you really need to re-examine things.

This was not being forced on anyone, it was something the band decided to offer fans, which is much more than a lot of bands do, and their attempt was met for the most part, with scorn for no discernible reason.  It’s great that you’ve supported the band, but that doesn’t mean you get to dictate their career path and success.  They give you music, they give you live shows.  Now they tried to give you something else, but because it was priced too high for you, you’ve rejected it outright.  It’s through music and touring that they make a living and you’ve now helped take money away from them.  

That’s not supporting the band.  That’s not supporting other fans of the band.  That’s pushing your view on everyone, and crying about it until you get what you want.  That’s selfish, that’s childish.  And this is just the latest in a long string of incidents where the band, and Brian in particular have had to deal with this immature, entitled attitude.  You don’t own them, they have every right to write whatever music they want, and to make money on that music however they see fit. 

This is Green Day and Gilman Street all over again, it’s just sad that Gaslight Anthem are apparently too polite to tell the entitled spoiled brats to fuck off.



i’m just going to reblog this every few months because i will never, ever get over this version of great expectations


Pretty much the definitive version of the song, in my book.

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And better than described, so much deeper the decent
I never thought we’d have to learn to doubt our friends

Good Day

1. Got an internship at the Comedy House, so my tuition is free next term.
2. Got second place in bar trivia, $10 giftcard
3. Alkaline Trio is coming May 2nd, and one of my favorite people may come down for the show.  Plus, it means I’ll be seeing Green Day, Gaslight Anthem and Alkaline Trio all within 30 days.

“I’ll never forget listening to that stuff on headphones. I remember thinking: ‘did those bands know when they were writing that stuff that there would be kids who’d make those songs their lives?’ The most important thing being said was not from a congressman on television, it was a band from wherever saying it to you in your headphones. I always hoped, maybe presumptuously, that people would do that with our band.”

     ↳ Happy 33rd birthday to Brian Fallon

He says that, but I still feel like he has no idea just what kind of impact his songs have.

Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten, Live @ Riot Fest, Dallas, TX

Gaslight Anthem - American Slang, Live @ Riot Fest, Dallas, TX

Gaslight @ RiotFest South

Gaslight @ RiotFest South

Gaslight Anthem @ Riot Fest South

Gaslight Anthem @ Riot Fest South