I figured I’d chronicle my adventures in Texas, here’s the first installment.  It’s a more in depth review of the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the Los Bastardos shadowcast.

Go read it because it’s the first thing I’ve written since December. 

Had a blast a Rocky Horror last night, the most fun I’ve had in Texas so far.  It was at the Inwood Theater, which is an amazing place.  A totally retro little 3 screen theater with a big marquee and giant neon sign.  Nothing like the megaplexes we have in New England.

This was my first time seeing it with a shadowcast, which made the experience that much better.  Los Bastardos do not disappoint.  The floorwalkers were brilliant, mixing in the movie’s more famous riffs with their own brand of humor, a lot of it improved on the spot.  It’s the kind of comedy skills I get instantly jealous of.

The cast itself were also great, high energy, lots of fun.  As has been the case in Texas so far, everyone was really nice, warm and talkative.  You know, the polar opposite of what I’m used to in Rhode Island.