Come listen as I discuss the summer movies of 1995 with my very funny friends, David Allison and Noa Gavin!  There’s Batman and Die Hard and Power Rangers and sadly also Waterworld.

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I am paying money to see this in a theater tonight.

I am paying money to see this in a theater tonight.

Never say die

Never say die

Good way to spend an afternoon.

Good way to spend an afternoon.

Raiders of the Lost Ark at 4:30pm

The Goonies at 12:15am

Texas, you do movies correctly.

Find me the film Deadly Invasion: Killer Bee Nightmare online, preferably for download, and you will be my best friend!

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My Rotting Brain Podcast # 5 with Lisa Foiles of All That

Remember that time I interviewed someone who used to be on Nickelodeon?  Then she got a giant billboard about her in Times Square.  This is the power of my podcast, look upon it and despair.

I figured I’d chronicle my adventures in Texas, here’s the first installment.  It’s a more in depth review of the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the Los Bastardos shadowcast.

Go read it because it’s the first thing I’ve written since December. 


Anyone in Dallas want to go see Rocky Horror with me tonight at midnight?

Just popping in to update everyone on my blog situation.  So exciting, I know!

Then, I share some of my favorite articles I’ve written, because I’m a shameless self promoter.